I am a materials-based artist making work that examines contemporary constructs of domesticity and professional life.

In particular, I’m interested in exploring those relationships through excavations of ideas emanating from my experience growing up in rural 1970s and 1980s Argentina — which occupies a fundamental focal point in my understanding of today’s world.

My research-based work unpacks memories of the environment of my quasi-mythic hometown, referencing feminine domestic practice and using symbols to explore archetypes of permanence, preservation, and transgression. I am also interested in the ways that nostalgia can be invoked to rewrite and romanticize individual history.

 I respond to the way studio practice intersects with domestic activities, challenging the limitations those definitions imply. These overlapping relationships entail deep and often-unresolvable tensions, which I express through explorations of balance and accumulation.

I was born and raised in Argentina, where I received my BFA in sculpture and art education. I went on to study and work in Mexico City for nearly a decade before moving to New York and obtaining an MFA in sculpture at Pratt Institute. I currently live and work in Los Angeles.